Left, Right and Center

I don't know if I am an Anarchist, Minarchist or just some incoherent strain of libertarian. I know I am favor of extreme free speech and self-autonomy. Those freedoms are rooted in Property Rights

A Cold Comfort – Noah + Audioblog

And when he had finished giving thanks to God with burnt offerings, Noah and his wife and his sons and their wives set about searching the land. The earth had been cleansed of violence and bloodshed, just as The Lord had said. He commanded them to go forth and populate the earth, but the earth had changed.

Glares for Smiles + Audioblog

My first entry in my Monday to Friday writing campaign. They say breast is best they say. All the books, the WHO, the doctors and the hospitals all put out the same message. There are charts, statistics,  guidelines, myths, programs aplenty to help mothers and their babies bond and forge a nursing relationship. Then comes the sabotage.

Behind Every Great Man… – KHQS 9

In G Gundam 09, Rain and Domon glimpse their futures in a fogged mirror when they travel to Neo-England where they meet Noble Chapman and Manon. George De Sand allies with Domon as he tries to fight off the three time champion of the Gundam Fight.

Haunted – KHQS 8

Rain and Domon meet Neo-Canada's Andrew Graham, a man consumed with fighting and destroying the man who killed his wife and ruined his life. Will hate consume Domon as it has Graham?

The Seal of Adam

Last night, as I lay down to go to sleep, my wife asked me what I was thinking about turning 31. I told her what I said when I turned 30. It's something I've said a few times throughout this year.

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