Behind Every Great Man… – KHQS 9

In G Gundam 09, Rain and Domon glimpse their futures in a fogged mirror when they travel to Neo-England where they meet Noble Chapman and Manon. George De Sand allies with Domon as he tries to fight off the three time champion of the Gundam Fight.

Haunted – KHQS 8

Rain and Domon meet Neo-Canada's Andrew Graham, a man consumed with fighting and destroying the man who killed his wife and ruined his life. Will hate consume Domon as it has Graham?

What Was Lost – KHQS 6

Rain and Domon return to Neo-Japan as we witness a recreation of the day that changed their lives. We also learn why Domon is Neo-Japan's greatest hope for stopping the Dark Gundam.

Love Stinks – KHQS 4

Rain and Domon take a bit of a detour in Paris. Everyone is pining for something they can't quite have: Marie Louise and Domon want George De Sand's attention, while Rain and George try to stay focused on their individual missions.

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