Luminous Beings February 2019

My goals for this year are big. I want to publish two Children’s books. Both books will require me to partner with an artist to see them completed. I need to complete the manuscript for one and put some thought into the artwork for the other.

The first book I intend to publish, tentatively titled More than Milk, is all about breastfeeding. Its aim is to normalize breastfeeding by showing women from all walks of life naturally feeding their babies. The target audience is families who are looking to welcome a new member. Soon-to-be big siblings, parents and grandparents can learn from the shared experience of so many families passed on in these sweet, informative selections.

Next, I will focus on completing Superheroes Get Hungry, Too, a collection of poems about nutrition and health made fun and exciting by being tied to a cast of original superheroes and their exploits. The cast of Superheroes Get Hungry, Too include men, women, kids and even a cat form all around the world who are doing their best to undo the rotten plots that evil is brewing.

When I am not working on these books, I will be having fun and (hopefully) sharpening my mind for writing and eye for design and composition by reviewing and critiquing animation, comics and tokusatsu I am consuming. If you’re interested you can find links to the video or audio feeds for these reviews in the menu above.

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