What Was Lost – KHQS 6

Rain and Domon return to Neo-Japan as we witness a recreation of the day that changed their lives. We also learn why Domon is Neo-Japan's greatest hope for stopping the Dark Gundam.

Collective Shame – Bushes Praised for Supporting Victims of their Policies

I find it bitterly ironic that The Constitution Center is heaping accolades on collectivist authoritarians like the deadly quartet I cited above when their mentality and the policies springing from them, hurt people like the other half of the recent Liberty Medal recipients. The Constitution is designed to protect the Rights of the individual. The State has broken free of those chains a little more with each President, each conflict and each crisis.

Love Stinks – KHQS 4

Rain and Domon take a bit of a detour in Paris. Everyone is pining for something they can't quite have: Marie Louise and Domon want George De Sand's attention, while Rain and George try to stay focused on their individual missions.

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