I Am Enough |More than Milk

There is a culture that saps new mothers of their confidence. Some experts give them every indication that they should doubt themselves, that their choices are foolish and naive. I pray that changes.

The Paces |More than Milk

Our little ones grow up so fast. Before long they are squirming out of our arms, crawling around, tottling and running away. With my first, I felt trapped under baby, but I appreciated the slower pace of a baby at the breast with the next child.

Newborn Life |More than Milk

Birthing a baby is so daunting a task, but I wonder what it's like for the baby. Do they cry because of how tough it is on them? Thankfully, it seems like reconnecting with their mother brings everything back into balance.

Welcome to the World |More than Milk

Have you ever wondered how harsh and strange the world outside of the womb must be to a newborn? Imagine how loud and bright and cold it must be compared to the warm, soft dark world they knew from their first moment of consciousness.

Liquid Gold

Did you know that a newborn is sustained from one teaspoon of colostrum at a time. That's about 1/6th of the 1-2 ounces of milk the need.

Seeing Double

I have been told that twins run in my family. That has scared me since my late teens. It got scarier when my wife was pregnant the first time.

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