Kamen Rider Hibiki |ARC 6

Kamen Rider Hibiki pairs up a callow youth with a charismatic and well-trained demon slayer. They cross paths and Asumu seems pulled into the action as Hibiki finds and fights demons who have been preying on people.

Kamen Rider Blade |ARC 5

Kamen Rider Blade is a Japanese children's Television show about BOARD, an organization who uses Kamen Riders to fight monsters called UnDead. It's actually a lot more complicated then that, but time is finite...

Kamen Rider Faiz |ARC 4

Kamen Rider Faiz is a Japanese children's Television show about undead monsters, a cheeky girl who has a belt they want and a dreamless wanderer who gets pulled into fighting these monsters. There is also a young man who struggles with his new life as an undead Orphnoc.

Kamen Rider Ryuki |ARC 3

Kamen Rider Ryuki feels so different from Kuuga and Agito. It seems more outlandish, but a bit more grounded at the same time. It's hard to say, but I am SO interested in watching more.

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